Ways To Increase Productivity Through Quality Sleep

Most people have difficulties getting through the day because they lack quality sleep. For one to be productive at work, they will need better sleep. This can be attributed to the many benefits that are gotten from a good sleep. Better quality sleep depends on the kind of mattress and bed one has and the room they sleep in.

Ways to increase productivity through quality sleep

1. Improved work relationships

Improved work relationships are as a result of improved mood gotten from better quality sleep. People who do not get better sleep are irritable making them cause conflicts at work. Conflicts make people not able to work properly which produces low results. As a result, there are even more conflicts from the management due to non-performance related issues. When one has good moods, they have good interpersonal skills making them even be considered for top positions in the organization.ewrryuttr

2. Good decision making

Work productivity is as a result of good decision making which arises from the good judgment of things. The success of an organization depends on the decisions made. When one has enough sleep, they can make work decisions soberly and fast hence faster implementation to get better results. This means that projects are completed fast due to good decision making. Lack of sleep reduces the ability to make good fast decisions since one’s mind is not clear.

3. Getting rid of burnouts

Those with very busy careers tend to have burnouts and have no work life balance. It is important to work and grow the organization, but one should also ensure that they have a life after work. One should not spend too much time and not get enough sleep. Having better quality sleep is necessary to get rid of burnouts hence one can get through a very busy day successfully. Getting enough rest helps your body fight a burnout. Productivity is linked to better quality sleep hence companies can get better results when its employees are well rested. This does not only apply to the working class but stay at home mums also get burnouts. They also need to rest well so that they can take care of their kids properly.

4. Memory improvements

4567ituryetMemory is necessary for productivity. A good memory is as a result of good quality sleep. This is because sleep makes all things settle and reorganize in the brain leading to improved memory. Poor memory leads to less productivity because one can spend a lot of time trying to figure out things instead of doing the actual work to be done. One can also find it difficult to complete some tasks since they may not be able to remember the procedure.

From the above, it is evident that better quality sleep is necessary for one to be productive in life and having a good mattress and good neck support pillow are prerequisite to a good quality sleep. Experts argues that the problem of experiencing neck pain is due to use of a wrong pillow and sleeping in the wrong position. This will help them meet their daily goals, achieve their objectives and as a result, live a fulfilled life. When every worker is productive, the whole organization becomes successful. Get quality sleep for better life.…

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Essential Oils Used In Hair Treatment

Essential oils are associated with numerous health benefits. These oils are used in treating dry scalp and dandruff, thickening of hair, lightening of the hair, as well as giving shine and length to your hair. These oils have been proven to be very effective and safe as compared to the conventional products used for hair care. Additionally, oils are also relatively cheaper as compared to the other products- you can use one bottle of essential oil to fight skin infections, alleviate pain, reduce stress and nourish your skin. These products are all natural and free of the dangerous chemicals. This has made them better for your home and environment. The following are the beneficial oils used in hair treatment

Chamomile oil

This oil is used for adding softness and shine to the hair as well as soothing of the scalp. This oil is also used widely in lightening the hair naturally. To increase its effectiveness, you are advised to add some baking soda and sea salt to this oil. The paste produced is then applied to the hair. You can also use this paste to massage your scalp. Rinsing out of the paste is then done after half an hour.

Cedarwood oil

This oil is used in stimulating the hair follicles. It plays a significant role in improving the circulation of blood to the scalp. This has made cedarwood essential oil very effective in promoting hair growth as well as slowing down hair loss. You can also use this oil in treating thinning hair. You can apply it topically to your hair or scalp. For better results, this oil can be mixed with carrier oils such as coconut and other gentle oils. This oil is also effective in reducing skin irritations and repelling bugs.

Lavender oil

Research has proven that lavender oil has potent hair growth-promoting properties. A study which was conducted in 2016 using female mice proved that this oil is effective in deepening the depth as well as increasing the hair follicles’ number. Additionally, this oil has potent antibacterial properties which make it useful in combating fungal and bacterial disorders. This oil is also known for its ability in healing dry hair and skin and soothing of the scalp. Lavender oil is also used in creating a stress-free and tranquil environment and thus prevent the thinning of hair.


This is one of the best essential oils used for hair growth and thickness. It is also beneficial in increasing cellular metabolism which is helpful in promoting healing as well as stimulating hair growth. Other benefits of rosemary essential; oil include treating of dry scalp and dandruff, slowing the hair graying process and preventing baldness.




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