A fine jewellery set consists of a bracelet, necklace, and earring. People commonly purchase this set for birthday presents, resale or for bridal parties. Jewellery sets are made using precious gemstones and metals. One is required to be conversant with the different types of precious metals and gemstones when choosing attractive jewellery set for resale of the gift. This knowledge will help you in purchasing a quality jewellery. These chosen set should also be of high quality affordable.

Materials used in making quality jewellery sets

A properly chosen set can last for many years. Gold, silver, and platinum are some of the precious metals used in making fine jewellery sets. Sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, onyx, turquoise and amethyst are some of the popular gemstones used in making fine jewellery sets. You can significantly improve your attire by wearing the latest fashions with precious gemstones. These sets are mainly preferred by the individuals who are interested in matching their bracelets, earrings, and necklace. Complimentary jewellery is preferred for the bridal parties. Jewellery sets are more affordable than buying the different items separately. A good seller will help you in verifying the quality of your jewellery.

Choosing precious metals and gemstones

Quality jewellery sets can be selected by learning how metals and gemstones are rated. High-quality metals and gemstones can be used in making a simple outfit which has desirable features thereby drawing the wearer’s attention. Even though timeless jewellery sets are very desirable, it is important for the recipient to consider the latest trends and his or her body style when selecting precious metals and gemstones. This will help in reducing the chance of the buyer’s remorse.

What you need to know when purchasing diamonds

Before you purchase your diamond earrings or dependants, you should consider colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. This will help in choosing a diamond which will impress you. Another important thing that needs to be considered is the diamond’s brilliance.




The two most desirable ratings for diamond are F and D. Diamond having letter D is close to being colourless. Smaller H and L are also colourless. H and L diamonds are tinted. Z coloured diamond is yellow tinted, and it is not desirable.


Carat weight

Carat is used in describing the diamond’s size. Many people prefer fine diamond jewellery sets having one-half carat. However, jewellery sets having a small carat weight can still be purchased.


Diamond’s cut refers to its width, roundness, uniformity, and polish. Diamonds cut is an important component of diamonds. Round brilliant is the most polar shape of a diamond. Some other popular cuts are oval, marquis, pear, emerald, oval and square.