Essential Oils Used In Hair Treatment

Essential oils are associated with numerous health benefits. These oils are used in treating dry scalp and dandruff, thickening of hair, lightening of the hair, as well as giving shine and length to your hair. These oils have been proven to be very effective and safe as compared to the conventional products used for hair care. Additionally, oils are also relatively cheaper as compared to the other products- you can use one bottle of essential oil to fight skin infections, alleviate pain, reduce stress and nourish your skin. These products are all natural and free of the dangerous chemicals. This has made them better for your home and environment. The following are the beneficial oils used in hair treatment

Chamomile oil

This oil is used for adding softness and shine to the hair as well as soothing of the scalp. This oil is also used widely in lightening the hair naturally. To increase its effectiveness, you are advised to add some baking soda and sea salt to this oil. The paste produced is then applied to the hair. You can also use this paste to massage your scalp. Rinsing out of the paste is then done after half an hour.

Cedarwood oil

This oil is used in stimulating the hair follicles. It plays a significant role in improving the circulation of blood to the scalp. This has made cedarwood essential oil very effective in promoting hair growth as well as slowing down hair loss. You can also use this oil in treating thinning hair. You can apply it topically to your hair or scalp. For better results, this oil can be mixed with carrier oils such as coconut and other gentle oils. This oil is also effective in reducing skin irritations and repelling bugs.

Lavender oil

Research has proven that lavender oil has potent hair growth-promoting properties. A study which was conducted in 2016 using female mice proved that this oil is effective in deepening the depth as well as increasing the hair follicles’ number. Additionally, this oil has potent antibacterial properties which make it useful in combating fungal and bacterial disorders. This oil is also known for its ability in healing dry hair and skin and soothing of the scalp. Lavender oil is also used in creating a stress-free and tranquil environment and thus prevent the thinning of hair.


This is one of the best essential oils used for hair growth and thickness. It is also beneficial in increasing cellular metabolism which is helpful in promoting healing as well as stimulating hair growth. Other benefits of rosemary essential; oil include treating of dry scalp and dandruff, slowing the hair graying process and preventing baldness.




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A Buying Guide For Battery Charger

There is increasing use of portable electronics. Many people have several personal gadgets which they use daily. Batteries mainly power most of the portable devices. Batteries are either non-rechargeable or rechargeable. Non-rechargeable batteries are usually disposed of when they are drained leading to environmental concern. Rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly since they can be used again and again. They are recharged using appropriate or suitable chargers.

Battery chargers are plugged into the power sockets when charging is in progress. Rechargeable batteries are easy to handle and very economical. There are different types of battery chargers. The process of recharging a drained battery is cheaper than buying a new one. The charging efficiency of these batteries is dependent on many factors. This means that buyers should be aware of the various characteristics of battery chargers. This will help them in purchasing the right battery charger for their devices or needs.

Tips for choosing the right battery charger

The process of choosing battery charger can be very intimidating at times. The few available options complicate this process. As a buyer, you should purchase high-quality products which can last more many years. There are many tips which can help you in making the right decision.

Consider the battery you are going to recharge

This is the first thing that needs to be considered when selecting a battery charger. Most of the available battery chargers are meant for AAA or AA batteries. The buyer should, therefore, be aware of the battery required for his or her electronic device. The battery’s charge is measured using volts. The selected charger should be capable of delivering the same output. However, there are some electronic items which cannot be used when their batteries are being charged. Buyers should plan well whenever they are using such devices.

Avoid overheating of your batteries

There are many factors which determine the efficiency of a battery charger. These factors include charge optimization, the age of your device, type of the battery and more. It is worth to note that both overcharging and overheating can damage the lifetime of your battery. This can be avoided by purchasing a charge which has a monitoring system for the charge. With this type of a charger, the user can easily monitor the cell’s voltage while charging.


The charger should be shut off immediately once the charging process is complete. The battery’s charging times might vary between 8-10 hours depending on the battery’s capacity and the type of tour charger. Other chargers are equipped with an–built LED status indicator that ensures that the battery does not overheat by alerting the user when charging is complete.

Battery’s storage capacity

The battery’s storage capacity is determined by the amount of charge that can be stored by the battery. It is expressed in milliamps or amp hours. The power discharged by the battery is influenced by factors such as voltage fluctuations, discharge rate, and temperature.…

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